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Paper Plate Sunflower Template

Draw a summer scene on a paper plate. Sep 14 2020 – These paper plate sunflowers are a fun fall craft for kids to make at home or in art class.

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Glue the eyes in the middle of the brown circle and then use a marker to draw on the sunflowers mouth.

Paper plate sunflower template. How to make your sunflower craft. Sketch on a petal shape and cut it out. Paint the large paper plates yellow.

This is to provide support for the weight of the sunflower seeds. Glue a green crat stick to the back of each flower. Free Printable Sunflower Templates and Sunflower Patterns.

Cut a slit on the paper plate just above the grass. We cut the paper strips in half. Trace it onto yellow construction paper multiple times and cut out the petals or trace it once and cut a stack of paper at a time like we do.

Cut a slit in the plate along the ground as a place for the sunflowers to grow. Its a simple craft idea for kids as young as toddlers and preschoolers. Once dry fold each large paper plate in half then in half again.

This activity makes a wonderful bulletin board display and provides concrete examples of the parts of a sunflower. Place the paper sunflowers in the grass slit that you made earlier to show the flowers growing. Make black dots on the yellow center to show the seeds.

Children will paint a paper plate with yellow paint and let dry. When the paint is dry you can cut the sunflower petals evenly around the edge of the plate about ¾ apart. This paper plate sunflower craft offers kids an opportunity to work on scissor skills and build their fine motor skills as they cut the petals for the sunflower.

Trace the sunflower petal all over the bright yellow and golden yellow paper plates then cut each one out. Glue small squares of yellow paper all over the middle of the plate on the front. Finish your sunflower by gluing the mouth right below the eyes.

A paper plate sunflower craft is perfect for summer or for any time really. This will be the yellow center of the sunflower. Sunflower Paper Plate Craft.

We love kids crafts and love sharing them with you. First cut your yellow tissue paper into small squares. Apply glue on the end of the paper.

Print out the template of choice. Download the template print it and cut out the petals eyes and mouth. Allow the glue to dry then make the sunflower grow by.

Stick the eyes to the middle of the paper plate. Children will paint the center of the paper plate with brown paint mixed with glue. Glue the orange petals in between the yellow ones.

Instead of using the template provided older children Age 5 can cut their own petal shapes from yellow construction paper. Glue the sunflowers on the popsicle sticks let it dry. Apply glue on one end of the yellow paper strip.

Use a marker to make random black dots all over the yellow squares in the. We cut ours to be about a finger wide and across the width of the letter A4 size paper. Download the FREE printable template and make with elementary aged children.

Trust me do this first Now slather a good amount of glue all over the inside of the plate. Place the golden yellow petals evenly. Print the sunflower template and cut out each flower.

Bring in real sunflowers for the class to see. Cut a circle from the center of a paper plate. Children may make their own sunflowers.

This all depends on how big you are making your sunflowers. Glue sunflower seeds to the center of each flower. Cut out the tips of each petal by making two.

Make a small cut into the parameter. Pick from large sunflower templates or smaller sunflower patterns in color and black and white. Color some clouds grass and sunshine.

Cut the centre circle out of the small paper plate and paint it black. Dont worry you dont have to sign up all over the place every time you need a free template. This is the sunflower center.

What Youll Need 7 Inch Yellow Paper Plate or colorpaint a white paper plate Yellow Brown Scrapbook Paper Alphabet Stickers Any Color Wide Green. Brush some black paint on the bubbly side of the bubble wrap circle and press it evenly in the centre of your yellow paper plate. Repeat for the second large paper plate.

Peel it off carefully to reveal a super cool pattern. Paper plate glue sunflower seeds with shells on. Take the brown paper plate and cut out the inner most circle.

Something to color with. A DIY project in just 8 steps Download the free template on the blog. Sep 14 2020 – This Pin was created by Easy Kids Crafts Activities Preschool Kindergarten Ideas on Pinterest.

Glue the ends together to make a paper loop. These free printable sunflower templates are great for childrens crafts card making tissue paper collages sun catchers and so much more. When you unfold this it will look like a flower.

No matter how you decide to present this craft to your preschoolers theyre going to LOVE having it on display thoughout the holiday season. Cut out squares of yellow paper and glue them to the center of the plate. Take your petals and staple them to the outside rim of the paper plate.

Once the paint has dried glue the yellow sunflower petals evenly spaced to the back of the paper plate. Make a bunch of papar loops. Discard the outer circle.

Next cut out your sunflower petals from the yellow cardstock. We used a similar template for a paper plate flower craft in the spring and a sun craft this summer. DIY Paper Sunflower Template.

Its about painting a paper plate yellow and then paint some more. Print our sunflower petal template and cut it out. Scissors paper and printer.

Glue sunflower seeds on the paper sunflowers. Drop your best email address in the signup box below and we will send you the password to our Premium Crafts for Kids page where you can download your free Sunflower template. Cut out the printable sunflower blossoms.

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