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Paper Plate Puppet Making

Today our demo is a dog puppet. Well let me show you how.

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These paper plate dancer puppets have me humming that tune every time I glimpse them hanging up in my home.

Paper plate puppet making. Draw a black pupil in the centre of the eyes with your sharpie. Attach the hat to the top of the plate first then attach. Your kids will not only have a blast making these puppets they are sure to love playing with the finished product as you wait for Old Man Winter to say goodbye once and for all.

Youre really here to find out how to create these paper plate dancer puppets right. Cut out the pieces of the monster template you want to use. We love making paper plate crafts because they are cute and sturdy enough to stand up to lots of pretend play.

Paint it brown on both sides. Unfold the paper plate. 2 toilet paper tubes.

Fold a paper plate in half fold it so that the back side of the plate is touching itself. Here is a good article on the origins of the song. You could also try cutting out eyes noses and mouths from magazines and let the children pick out ones to stick on.

Mark your plate and cut out a 14 section. Youll need one straw on the lower jaw and one on the sharks back. Draw a face on the paper plate using the pens.

Make the base of the paper plate whale. Take a scrap of paper plate you cut from the middle of the back plate earlier shape it into a crescent moon and glue it onto the rim of your flying bat craft. Each butterfly is made from two paper plates taped together.

Trace a circle shape onto a small piece of yellow paper fold the piece in half then cut the shape out. Place the template on the paper plate trace and cut out. Grab a piece of the paper plate and fold it in half.

The thing we like best about this activity is that its perfect for both kids and grown-ups because it can be complicated or easy depending on skill level. Create a super cool paper plate dragon using some paint and our downloadable printable. Glue the round circles onto the egg carton so it looks like a set of eyes.

Download the monster template and print out on the corresponding colored card stock. For the Siamese cat glue the mouthnose combo in the middle of the paper plate. For the Tabby cat glue the mouth to the bottom of the paper plate.

Now your paper plate shark puppet is ready to hunt for its dinner. Older children might like to try plaiting it first. Hoppy Fathers Day Paper Plate Craft.

Cut out the center of the paper plate to leave it with a wreath shape. Staple all around the two paper plates leaving a section at the bottom open so the bat puppet can be moved from side to side. Paint the paper plate in the shade you choose.

With a little bit of paint and glue you can turn a paper plate into just about anything. This line is important because youll make a cut here later and thats where your puppet will move. Watch this video to see the paper plate puppet craft made in action.

Whats awesome about this craft is that it can be played like a puppet when you stick a popsicle stick at the back. The children have more fun painting the paper plate puppets but if you are pushed for time buy colored paper plates in a variety of shades. This will be the head.

These lion and lamb paper plate puppet crafts for kids are super easy to make. An excellent activity for preschoolers and beginners this cut and paste coloring project makes a great educational activity for them to enjoy. Paint the bottom half of your plate green to look like grass.

Make a Paper Plate Sombrero. Cookie Monster Puppet Supplies. Puppets made from Recycled Materials.

Glue all the pieces in place. March comes in like a lion Rarrrrr and out like a lamb Baaaaa. Thats why theyre the perfect supply to have on hand when youre making your Halloween crafts.

Paint the paper plate wreath a fun monster-y color. We painted a straight green line half way down and filled in the semi-circle below that line with solid green. Let the paper plate dry completely before moving on.

For basic photo instructions for this craft follow along with our frog craft but make slight alterations in color and decorations to make it a dog instead of a frog. Try making these paper plate puppets for an afternoon of fun and easy crafting. 7- Glue the sharks pectoral fin in place.

If you love paper plate crafts too then make sure to check out The Pleasantest Things paper plate and cotton ball bunny. Paint the inside of the paper plate black. Glue on wool for hair.

Cookie Monster Puppet Instructions. The paper plate puppets also make great bunny masks too. Paper Plate Butterfly Puppet Craft.

8 Turn the shark puppet over and attach the shark puppets tail and two straw handles with sticky tape. Cut a small slit along the illustrated dashed line on the image above. The slit should be wide enough for the popsicle slit to slide through.

Ours even hung out with our lemon tree for awhile. Once your paper plate has dried trim the excess tissue paper away from the edges of your frogs mouth. Blue and black paint.

With a little bit of imagination you can make a variety of fun paper plate Halloween crafts like. A simple-to-make paper plate butterfly puppet. Glue the blow tie just under the bottom of the plate.

Glue the paper plate to the paint stick.

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