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Paper Plate Easter Bunny With Cotton Balls

Glue cotton balls and pink pom pom to center of other plate for muzzle and nose. Glue the googly eyes pompom nose and pipe cleaners on to construct the face of the Easter Bunny.

Paper Plate And Cotton Ball Easter Bunny Craft For Kids In 2021 Easter Paper Plate Crafts Easter Bunny Crafts Easter Crafts For Toddlers

Leave one whole for the body and trim the outside ring around the other for the bunnys head.

Paper plate easter bunny with cotton balls. You can mix and match the colors that make up the remaining feat. Cut one of the paper plates in half and color in with pink crayon on the inner part of each plate. Get the instructions for Paper Plate Easter Bunny.

You can attach this just below the. Cotton Ball Bunny. Once the paint had dried they had fun creating their cute rabbit faces.

Black permanent marker Googly eyes Pink pom-pom School glue Start by drawing a silhouette of a bunny on the piece of paper using the permanent marker. How to Make It. Glue your rabbit ears to the back of your paper plate near the top.

Cotton balls in assorted pastel Easter colors. -Glue we recommend this kind which is stronger and better for gluing on pom poms and. Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft Make your own fluffy Easter Bunny from items around the house.

Using your finger or a paint brush works well to smooth the glue out. Fold the pink piece of paper in half. Draw cute bunny eyes and nose on your paper plate.

Cut your pipe cleaners in. Next a triangle nose tag board ears with construction paper center and pipe cleaner whiskers. Draw an outline in the center of the ear to fill in with colored pom-poms.

They took a clean cotton ball brush and covered the inside of their rabbits ear with pink paint. Kids can either use cotton balls to fill up their bunny card. This is a great classroom project as it makes a cool DIY gift for parents.

Staple a long ribbon to the back of the plate to serve as a carrying handle for the basket. This adorable cotton ball bunny craft is perfect for Spring and Easter. Heres what youll need to make the paper plate Easter Bunny.

Carefully glue cotton balls to your paper plate until your plate is full. You do not have to measure this and the two halves do not need to be exactly equal. How to make an Easter Bunny out of paper plates.

Cut a circle onto the folded edge and glue to the bottom of the cotton covered plate. It was easy for them every step of the way. With a black marker draw the bunnys teeth just under its nose.

Any size paper plate will work with this fun craft but we used the smaller six-inch plates to create the Easter bunny face. Take the paper plate and glue down the filled ears onto the top of the plate. Cover the plate with glue tip.

Small Paper Plates. Its time to start making Easter crafts and you cant go wrong with this easy bunny craft. Download the Easter bunny template print and cut out the pieces you need.

And who knows with how simple and easy it is to make you just might be able to make your own little bunny litter right in the comfort of your own house. And with Easter just around the corner I wanted to give some last minute inspiration for a simple and quick. Cut out your Easter bunny ears and flowers from the printable.

Flip the whole plate so the bottom is now the slightly raised top. As you can see by the picture above my daughter absolutely loved the sensory texture of the cotton balls. Place the head template on the paper plate trace and cut out.

Between the cotton balls and just below them glue the pom pom as the bunnys nose. Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft with Free Bunny Template With Easter right around the corner this simple Easter Bunny craft needs to be high up on your radar. Draw a circle about 35-4 wide with two 12-1 ears doesnt need to.

White paper plate. Glue to back of other plate to form ears. Cut out a small heart from the tan craft foam and glue upside down to the top of the pink paper.

The kids began by dipping their cotton ball paintbrushes into the paint and covering their chosen paper plate. Glue the bunnys mouth just above the bowtie then take the nose and glue. This was a really simple craft that my girls enjoyed.

If one half is larger use this to make the body of your bunny. Carefully glue the cotton balls to the front of a paper plate. They took a paper plate and used some glue to stick cotton balls everywhere.

Bend the pink pipe cleaner into the shape of the bunnys mouth and glue. How to Make Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft. Create a fluffy look on your bunnys face with the help of cotton balls.

Turn the paper plate over. -Pom Poms this multi-pack actually includes most of the supplies with pom poms pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Position the bowtie in the bottom and middle of the paper plate letting half of it hang off the paper plate and glue it in place.

Paper Plate Cotton Ball Bunny Kid Craft Idea One of the many icons of spring is a big fluffy bunny. These cute Easter bunny faces can be made from paper plates and a thick bed of cotton balls. Apply a line of glue around the top ring and adhere.

Start by cutting out two bunny ear shapes out of construction paper. Glue your large googly eyes onto your paper plate in the place you would like your bunnys eyes. There are no shortage of bunnies here in Arizona and we.

Cotton balls Cardstock white construction paper or a paper plate. Cut out two equal size ears out of your white construction paper. This is a great craft for younger children because the cotton balls are something different to use in a craft and they add a great texture.

This is easily done with a glue gun but we previsouly did other paper plate crafts where we used regular white school glue and it worked out well too takes longer too dry but works out great. Using glue or adhesive add the colored pom-poms to the ears. Use the cotton balls to cover the plate.

Kids will have fun covering a paper plate with cotton balls to create a friendly Easter Bunny. Cut out tie shape from cardstock and glue on. Construction paper ears and chenille stem whiskers complete his cute face.

Use a pink marker and color in the center for the bunnys ears. First youll need 2 dessert-size paper plates. You want to cover the entire plate with cotton balls to create a fluffy bunny.

Attaching our favorite goggly eyes first. Color in mouth with pink crayon. I let my 4.

Put one of the halves to the sideyou will use this later. Cover the paper plate with craft glue and have your child glue down cotton balls on the plate. The first step in making your bunny is to cut your paper plate in half.

Glue on your flower cut outs on the front of your pate across the ears. Once that was done they glued on the googly eyes. Your kids will love gluing the cotton balls on the paper plate to create their cute baby rabbit.

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