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Paper Basket Weaving Step By Step

To weave paper together following the following directions and diagrams above. Take a full size paper and fold it in half the hamburger way.

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Cut an odd number of small slits around the outside of a paper plate.

Paper basket weaving step by step. Each strip should be 12 inches long by 25 inches wide. Here are paper weaving crafts activities and instructions to make beautiful woven paper baskets placemats by using weaving techniques with pieces of paper. On 4 of the 18 pieces measure and make a mark every 4.

Use the blunt side of a butter knife to run across the folds in order to get the creases tight. Step 1-Cut 11 pages into 2 X 5 strips of paper and cut 4 pages into 2 X 6 strips of paper. Making the Basket Body.

Its super easy you can also. Weave this around the basket folding the reed at each corner to create a nice angled corner to work with. One 6 diameter circle of paper to cover outside bottom of basket use in step 16.

Add one clamp to each side of the basket to hold the working weaver in place. Basket weaving also basketry or basket making is the process of weaving or sewing pliable materials into two- or three dimensional artefacts such as mats or containersCraftspeople and artists specialised in making baskets are usually referred to as basket makers and basket weavers. They can all be the same color or make half one color and half another color Fold each strip in thirds lengthwise.

Not only does your student need to understand the basic under over patterning of weaving but they need to be able to maneuver the paper strips around the corners and understand how to continue the weaving pattern around the corners. Then fold the paper on each mark. Open all of the cut pieces to lay flat on your work surface.

Cut paper into 16 strips. Create a nice crisp corner by folding and making a crease in the weaver. This is a great craft project to do with kidsCreated by Bethany Snaddon for the Dunfermline Great Place project.

Step 2-Put longer pieces of paper to the side and save until step 8. One 6 diameter circle of cardboard for bottom of basket use in steps 11-16. Take a piece of yarn and wrap it around the paper plate so that it crosses in the front and the yarn is parallel in the.

Thats art teacher speak for folding a paper down the middle the short way making a squat rectangle. Step 3- Use 2 X 5 strips of paper and proceed with instructions. Weave in each of these pieces to form the basket.

Follow an under over pattern with the outside pieces. Recycled Paper Basket Weaving Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial Paper baskets can be very useful if it is made correctly. Line the handle from bag one across the bottom of the open bag bag three the.

This should meet the two short ends of the paper together. Coming back to the beginning. Learn how to weave a basket with paper that is strong and durable.

Using the third bag open the bag completely and cut 1 inch lines from the top of the paper bag the opening to the bottom. Do not cut the bottom of the bag where it will rest. Basic Paper Weaving Instructions.

Make sure that there is an odd number or else it will not work out right. Step 2 Lay your vertical strips of paper. The example in the pic is 85 x 11 Show kids how to position their scissor on the fold and cut almost to the open edge.

With the fold at the top place your ruler or flat edge approximately an inch from the top of your paper. Weaving a paper basket is a little different than flat paper weaving. With your base piece of paper vertical long edge on the side fold the top down to the bottom.

Find out how to weave with the crafts below. Learn how to weave through paper weaving. Using a cutting mat craft knife and metal ruler start by cutting your coloured and white papers lengthwise into 1cm strips or you could use a paper guillotine.

Draw a line along the flat edge. For handouts and teaching materials check out my Elementary Lessons for Hispanic Heritage Month bundle on TPT. Clamp the beginning of your weaver to the stake you start on.

Once youve done this glue the ends together on each piece.

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